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Our newest labeller, the S200

Engineered and manufactured in-house in Australia. A robust semi-automatic benchtop labeller designed to make your production runs shorter and faster.

The S200 is the latest in Tronics collection of labellers. The S200 is a semi-automatic labelling machine for the application of self-adhesive labels to cylindrical products. It is designed to label containers with diameters ranging from 110mm to 230mm.

  • Increase your production capacity.
  • Precision label application with container scanning technology.
  • Automatic label feeding with ability to dual label.
  • Offers a maximum label width of 230mm and accepts reel diameters of up to 310mm.


Label roll core 76mm
Label reel size 310mm
Label width 230mm
Label height 240mm
Product size (diameter) 11-135mm
Throughput 24+ppm
Label count Standard

Aldus has a vast library of technical resources which includes information on our products, technical manuals and guides. Technical datasheets on each of our product ranges has specific information on suitability for various subtrates and finished product requirements.

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